As memories of Harper slowly fade, Heather Fraser tells us what’s next

Illustration of Harper fading to Trudeau

Our latest NOW Strategy piece comes from the latest member of our team, Heather Fraser. Our newly-minted Director of Research Partnerships and National Projects warns progressive Canadians not to let their warm fuzzies over Justin Trudeau keep them from holding the Liberals’ feet to the fire:

Just “not being Harper” and showing a little human decency is too low a bar. It’s time to set out higher expectations for our federal government. That means we need to be more active than ever and run smart campaigns to pressure the Trudeau Liberals to implement the change they have promised.

And to turn hope into progress, we need to do more than just hold the Liberals to their promises. The Liberal platform was vague, missing important planks and in some places just plain heading in the wrong direction. We need to advance our own agenda.

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