BC Teachers’ Federation back-to-school campaign

We were really excited to work with the BC Teachers’ Federation on this fall’s campaign. Strong public education is an issue we’re all passionate about. And the scope of the project provided an interesting creative opportunity and challenge.

This campaign spanned a substantial range of media formats, and launched over the short course of about a month. Each piece needed to stand alone and communicate the teachers’ message in a warm, friendly and fun way…but they also needed to connect across mediums to strengthen and support the overall positioning.

Video Billboards

The campaign launched first with jumbo-tron style video billboards at the PNE. For this audience, we created simple yet impactful short videos of people sharing memories about their favourite teachers. Here are the four 15-second testimonial ads:

My favourite teacher #1

My favourite teacher #2

My favourite teacher #3

My favourite teacher #4

TV: 15 second stories

The TV ads launched in two waves. The first was a series of short, dry and lightly pointed spots. These ads – the “Waiting” series – used humour and told stories of kids to draw attention to the impact government education cuts are having. Here are the four 15-second ads:

for smaller classes

for a teacher librarian

for a counselor

for special needs support

TV: 30 seconds, five languages

A week later the more emotive “Classroom Investments” was added into the buy. This 30-second spot told the story of the values that go into and come from a strong public education system. It also made a specific ask of government for BC’s kids: for smaller classes, better resources and more one-on-one time. This video was produced and ran in five languages – English, French, Cantonese, Mandarin and Punjabi.

Classroom InvestmentsFrenchPunjabi


The launch of the TV was timed to pair with the launch of a new website: BetterSchoolsBC.ca. The website – designed and built in partnership with our sister ompany, Twisted Lime Media – was built to become an interactive hub for teachers, parents and the public. And the content was driven by the BCTF produced “Better Schools BC Plan”…the Federation’s plan for education, that’s also available on the site.

As you’ll see, the website is very visually driven – with sections specifically designed to encourage public interaction, discussion and participation (check out the Shared Stories section to see how you can submit stories of your most memorable teachers). The site was also built to be regularly updated with new stories and content that relate to making BC’s schools better places students.

You can check out the site here:


Print Ads

Another component of the campaign was print. Across the province the sizes ranged from newspaper mastheads to full inside pages and two-page wraps. The message though remained consistent: BC students deserve smaller classes, better support for kids with special needs, and more one-one-one time. Visually, the look connected to the TV and mirrored the website. Click the image below to scroll though a few samples of the ads you may have seen.

Hawker Bib and Button in Action

Metro Cover Ad

English Ad Cover

Newspaper Footer Ad


English Ad

Punjabi Ad

Chinese Ad

Post-It Ad

Overall, it’s been a big and exciting campaign. And as former students, current parents and people who care about education, we want to thank BC’s teachers and the BCTF for speaking out for kids. Especially as we approach World Teachers Day on October 5th, we hope you’ll feel inspired to show your local teachers – in every province – some love and support for the great work they do every day.

Updated: Two more ads from the BCTF built on the foundation these ones laid: one created specifically to air during the 2013 Super Bowl, and another to help frame the imminent BC election.

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