When breast cancer awareness comes first-hand

Pink maple leafEvery year when October comes around, I notice the colour pink more than the yellows and reds of fall leaves. I’m reminded that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As a breast cancer fighter and survivor, I know that a breast cancer diagnosis can be scary, and thoughts of dying are one of the first to enter a newly diagnosed patient’s mind.

But despite the fear, we are lucky that we live in a country where breast cancer awareness is growing and cancer specialists, health technicians, nurses, doctors, caregivers and researchers are both capable and caring.

And that’s one more reason the fight to ensure quality public health care for all Canadians is so important. With growing awareness of what to look for when checking for breast health, more and more women are getting diagnosed earlier meaning returning to good health is faster and more likely.

One of the goals of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is to achieve a future without breast cancer by the year 2020. With donations collected through the CIBC Run for the Cure and fundraising events around the county, more money is being put into research, putting them closer to that goal.

And wouldn’t that be an amazing accomplishment for all of us: not having to fear dying from this cancer or having to sacrifice a breast. Be breast aware, and help support efforts to eradicate this disease from the minds, hearts and breasts of women you love.

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  1. Nancy Knickerbocker says:

    Dear Rupinder,
    Thank you for this timely reminder of the key role of research in confronting the Big C. Whether we’re talking breast or any other kind of cancer, investing in research is making a difference for millions of women, men and children.
    In sisterhood and solidarity,

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