Download this tool to check your Facebook ad images instantly

Advertising on Facebook can be an effective way of reaching a highly targeted audience, especially when you use a compelling image. But Facebook has an arbitrary, maddening requirement on images in ads: a 20-per-cent limit on the amount of the image with text on it,

That limit is understandable; Facebook doesn’t want newsfeeds full of big blaring marketing copy. (They want newsfeeds full of photos of kittens and sunsets, onto which small blaring marketing copy has been squeezed.) It’s how they implement that limit that turns would-be Facebook ad moguls prematurely grey. The company asks you to divide your image into a five-by-five grid. And if even a little bit of text appears in more than five of the resulting 25 squares, they’ll disqualify your image.

You can check your image by uploading your image to Facebook’s own grid tool, tweaking, uploading, tweaking and finally getting it right. But smart designers drop a grid on the image from within Photoshop.

Now you get to be an even smarter designer. Thanks to this tiny Photoshop file and these five steps, you won’t have to recreate the grid every time.

  1. Download this handy file from us here at NOW. You’re welcome.
  2. Open it in Photoshop.
  3. Select the layer labelled “Shape 1”.
  4. Click on the “Edit” menu and choose “Define custom shape.”
  5. Give your new shape a name like “Facebook ad grid”.

From now on, that grid will be as close as your Custom Shape Tool. Drag it across your image from upper left to lower right, and voilà: instant Facebook grid!

Download the file

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