A little accountability for your Facebook Page

A screen capture of a really bad Facebook postOne big challenge when you have a team managing a social media presence is accountability. Someone accidentally posted a photo of yesterday’s lunch to your Facebook Page. One of the people with the keys to your Twitter account just responded to an innocent question with an offensive tirade. But how do you know who?

If you’re paying for team collaboration features with a tool like HootSuite, you may well be able to answer those questions. But otherwise, unless someone owns up, you won’t be able to have the conversations that can prevent future misfires. (And conversely, you won’t be able to give the real author of a great post the recognition they’re due.)

One approach is to have people sign tweets and posts with their initials. But that isn’t always feasible or desirable. (Also, four characters is expensive in a 140-character tweet!)

Facebook’s making things a little easier with a new feature. Every post and comment made as a Facebook Page after February 20 will also display the actual author’s name — but only Page administrators will be able to see it. The site is rolling the feature out gradually, so you may not be seeing this on your Facebook Page yet (we’re not, but others are).

Of course, no feature update can take the place of making sure everyone posting on behalf of your organization understands your communications goals, and has a sense of your voice and message. Training and ongoing internal communication still trump tech… but it’s nice to have a helping hand.

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