New faces, new roles… and a new Toronto office!

If you thought you heard an even-louder-than usual buzz of activity at the NOW offices the last time you called us, you aren’t wrong!

Moving on up

One of the great things about working with talented people is seeing those talents grow. And three of our folks are taking on new roles:

Daniella ReidDaniella Reid is now an Account Manager, lending her laser-like focus on deadlines and details to client accounts and projects. Between her warmth, her professionalism and her capacity for remembering the big picture while deftly painting in the tricky bits, we know our clients are in good hands.Ellaine CorpuzEllaine Corpuz is NOW’s new Traffic Director. From ensuring the right digital file gets to the right media outlet in the right format at the right time, to finding that perfect voice for your next radio ad (“what do you have in a Morgan-Freeman-meets-Jann-Arden?”), Ellaine will make sure your ads reach your audience every time.Jillian BoultonThe pace of work here called for more admin support. The utterly indispensable Jillian Boulton is now Executive Assistant focussed on getting NOW’s senior people to the right place, with the right files.

Re-joining the team and taking new challenges

Patricia McCutcheonPatricia McCutcheon worked with us last year as a communications consultant, and she’s joining our Toronto office full time as a dedicated Account Manager for our growing family of Ontario clients. They’ll be able to draw on her years of experience with ACTRA, not to mention digital project management.

Centre for Social Innovation officeAnd speaking of that Toronto office, we’ve just moved to vibrant new quarters: the Centre for Social Innovation! We’ll be rubbing shoulders and bumping elbows with a whole slew of people working to meet critical social challenges in Canada and around the world. Say hi the next time you drop by CSI Spadina: the fair-trade coffee’s on us.

Summer comes early

It’s not nearly summer yet, but we all deserve an early one, amirite? So we’ve grabbed a head start by bringing in our summer students at NOW, and they’re three wonderful young women. We’re delighted to welcome Kirstin Johnson back to the fold (you may have already heard her voice over the past few days at the reception desk), and she’s joined by Christine Logan and Tamara Connor. And we’re proud to say, all our summer students are paid a Living Wage.

So are we busy? Yep. Our clients are taking on tough challenges right across the country. It’s the best work in the world, and we’re proud to be working with such a great team of folks — in our offices and in yours. Game on, people!

One more thing…

We’re looking for an Administrative Assistant in our Vancouver office starting Fall 2014. If you know someone early in their career who is interested, send them our way!

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