Say it with pride: “This is a communications office.”

One of our greatest privileges over the years has been the people we get to work with — from talented volunteers to veteran staffers, from cramped campaign offices to national union headquarters to government departments and ministries—and of course our NOW colleagues.

All of us have one thing in common: a sense of higher purpose beyond just churning out product.

Among the people we work with, you won’t find the media stereotype of the mercenary who’s only in it to make a buck, or out of some win-at-all-costs, truth-be-damned neurosis. Instead, you’ll find committed people determined to make a difference. We’re in this to make the world a better place.

That deserves some respect. Maybe even some celebration.

This is a communications office - a posterPresenting “This is a Communications Office.”

Back in the 1930s, Monotype’s Beatrice Warde produced a manifesto of sorts to show off a new typeface (Perpetua, which you may well have on your computer). “This is a Printing Office” earned her an eternal place in the hearts of printers everywhere — and appears as a bronze plaque outside the U.S. Government Printing Office.

(Warde herself is a fascinating figure in the history of typography. She adopted a male pseudonym to publish her discovery of the creator of Garamond. That publication earned her a job offer from Monotype, sight unseen; her new employers were nonplussed when a woman walked through the door to claim the position!)

Fundraisers in the United Kingdom have adapted “This is a Printing Office” for their community of practice with “This is a Fundraising Office”… which inspired us to create this proclamation. We’ve aimed to combine the slightly-over-the-top spirit of the original with the genuine pride we all deserve to feel in this vocation:

This is a communications office.

In these forges burn the fires of change, charged with the energy of strategic purpose, tempered with experience and a profound knowledge of audience.

Within these walls words and images acquire the power to shatter steel chains and drive tyrants to their knees — or bring comfort to the afflicted and rekindle hope in the despairing.

From this place messages set off on their mission to move hearts, open minds and transform the world.

Friend, you stand on sacred ground.

This is a communications office.

You can download the PDF here. It’s Creative Commons licensed, so feel free to remix, adapt and share. Print it out, hang it on your door, and tell the world with pride: This is a communications office.

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