Welcome to the new NOW

Change happens, and we’ve had some big changes at NOW over the past while. New faces. New partnerships. A new head office.

And as of today, a renewed brand: a new logo, a new name and a new tagline. We’re now The NOW Group, and our tagline is “communications creating good.”

Why rebrand? Partly because it’s time: every design grows worn over time, and while ours has stood up far longer than any of us expected, we knew we wanted a change.

And we’re a different company today. The company’s leadership has changed (when the dazzling Ron Johnson retired five years ago, it turns out he meant it!), and we have a nationwide presence with more staff and associates across the country than ever before. We can do more, in more places.

In more ways, too. We’re doing much more training and coaching of our clients’ staff and leaders. Digital has taken on much more prominence, and our online campaigning expertise now sports NationBuilder developer certification. We’ll soon be opening our research facility for conducting focus groups right in the Vancouver head office.

And the work has changed dramatically. Audiences aren’t passive recipients of messages; they collaborate in building your brand and spreading the world. Collaboration is deeply ingrained in our approach: amongst ourselves, with our client, and with their audiences and supporters. Our new name underlines the importance of that collaborative approach—and the team of passionate, experienced professionals we offer our clients.

Which brings us to the things that haven’t changed about NOW… and we’re not just talking about the parallelogram in our logo. We’re coming up on our 25th anniversary next year, and alongside the freshness and innovation, we bring a lot of experience to the table. We’re a modern, forward-looking firm, but we’re still steeped in the values that brought NOW about in the first place back in 1991. Every one of us believes that the forces of positive social change deserve professional, effective communications—“communications creating good”—and we’re committed to delivering on that belief every day.

We look forward to hearing what you think of our new look and our new website. And most of all, we look forward to 25 more years working with you… and creating good together.


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