Practical Guides for Powerful Communications

How to prepare for an interview

  • Winging it in an interview can (and does) lead to catastrophe. With the stakes so high, you need to take the time to prepare and rehearse.

Build your own stock photo library

  • When you need a photo that captures your mission, your members’ work or the heart of an issue, commercial stock photography too often falls flat. Here's what you can do.

How to get your YouTube video seen

  • Posting a video to YouTube doesn’t end once the upload’s complete — try a little bit of extra attention.

7 ways to get your union into Pinterest

  • by Maya Russell

    Pinterest, the visual bookmarking and pinboard tool, is the latest social media darling. “Not another thing I have to do?” you cry! Bear with us. We think it’s worth it for unions to jump on Pinterest, and here’s a few reasons why:

6 tips to persuasive writing about policy issues

  • We're communicators but sometimes people ask us about how communications techniques can help in other kinds of work. Fundraising, policy development, even human resources work. Here are six tips we’ve pulled together for writing about policy issues to help connect better with people. Can you think of more?

What makes web video watchable and persuasive?

  • Make your online videos have value. Make them persuadable.

Do some good this year

W​e mentioned how much we love checklists? So much that we needed to start 2017 with one to make your communications year a little easier. ​