NOW Strategy Leading the Conversation

Remember, it’s about more than winning

  • Of course we want to win — but that's an outcome, not a goal. Progressive communicators need to spell out who we want to win for... and why.

As memories of Harper slowly fade, what’s next?

  • To turn hope into progress, we need to do more than just hold the Liberals to their promises. We need to advance our own agenda.

How do you get some of that Rachel Notley magic?

  • There are many lessons communicators can learn from Alberta. Here are six ways Rachel Notley propelled the NDP to victory.

Reviving Labour's Image

  • Here are some of the things that have helped our clients show how unions are more relevant today than ever.

It's people who power non-violent change

  • In the film How to Start a Revolution, (the story of Gene Sharp's remarkable book on non-violent change) we see non-violent tools at work resisting dictatorship. But what lessons does the film hold for advocates for social change here at home in our democracy?

9 mistakes to avoid

  • Reach the right people with your story - and avoid the top 9 communications mistakes.

How do women get in the room?

  • Just as decisions are made by voters who show up to the polls, so to are they made by those who show up to plan the campaigns of political parties.